The Stations

Sadly, customs and traditions can die out in localities, and Michael and Mary Conneally from Boyounagh, present a story of such an occurrence, as in the case of the once-widely held Stations.

A Mass held twice a year in each townland was called the Stations.  Each household accepted the Stations on a rotational basis.  A lot of preparation was required by the family hosting the Stations.  As well as having the dwelling in good décor, special emphasis was given to the preparation of the breakfast for priests attending.  A collection known as Station Dues, was taken up for the priests at the Station Mass.

In more recent years, things became less formal with the priest’s breakfast being replaced by an ordinary cup of tea for all, and the Station Dues were eventually dispensed with.  In the 1990s, there was less take-up for the Stations and the practice has almost died out locally.

Authors: Michael Conneally and Mary Conneally