My Lovely Glenamaddy

There’s an aching in my heart you often hear me say.
A longing and a yearning for my homeland far away.
I can be in New York city, or San Francisco Bay,
When an old song from the jukebox takes me back to Galway Bay.


I remember Glenamaddy from memories long ago.
I can almost see the cottage where the shamrock used to grow.
One day I’ll cross this ocean, I’ll soon be on my way
To my lovely Glenamaddy in the county of Galway.

No matter where I wander, no matter where I roam
There’s a little place called Ireland I’ll always call my home.
Where the air is filled with laughter and music everywhere.
It’s my lovely Glenamaddy and my heart is always there. [R]

Composed by Seamus Fitzsimmons
Performed by Julie Healy

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