Michael Collins

Nonie Golden’s aunt-in-law, Ellie Golden from Castlecoote, worked as a receptionist in the Clarence Hotel in Dublin in the 1920s.  In August 1922, the week before he was assassinated, Michael Collins visited the Clarence Hotel and asked Ellie Golden at reception if he could go upstairs to rest as he hadn’t slept for days. She told him that he could.  She didn’t get him to sign the visitor’s book, luckily, because a very short time later that day a man approached her dressed up in a priest’s garb.  He said to her, “I believe you have a Mr Collins in residence”?  She replied “No”.  He said, “In that case, can I see the visitors’ book, I’m sure he has signed it”?  Of course he hadn’t, because Ellie didn’t let him.  Then the man departed.  A week later, on the 22 August 1922, Michael Collins was assassinated at Béal na mBláth.

Author: Mary Brosnan

Source: Nonie Golden, Castlecoote formerly née Mannion, Lisheenaheltia