The Blessed Well in Lisheenaheltia

Close to the Round Woodeen and the banks of the Buí Aibhneach river lies the Blessed well. This well is one of three sister wells. It is linked to the holy wells in Cappagh, Dunmore and Balla, Co. Mayo. Historically it was a place of pilgrimage and prayer, particularly on Good Friday. Ribbons and holy objects were hung from the tree overhanging the Blessed Well – a tradition that dates back to Celtic times. It is also said that stones were thrown into the well by people praying for their intentions.

The Archaeological inventory describes the Holy Well – ‘Close to the East bank of the yellow river in a low-lying boggy terrain. Marked within an enclosed oval tree copse (NW-SE c. 40m, NE-SW c. 30m) on OS 6-inch maps. Extensive field clearance has occurred here and apart from a blocked-up pool of water with a small drain leading from it to the stream, no visible surface trace survives’.

Source: Lisheen Golden Mile – Its History and Hidden Treasures, 2015