The Black and Tans

Johnny Mannion, Lisheenaheltia, Nonie’s  father, was ploughing his father’s land at Boyounagh Bridge – situated where Michael Conneally’s house is now.  Johnny spotted a lorry load of Black ‘n Tans at Lisheenaheltia National School.   It just gave him enough time to let the team of horses go that he was ploughing with.   He hid in a drain under a blackthorn bush.  The Tans got out of their lorry and began searching for him.  They walked passed him several times but they could not see him because of the bush.  He heard them say if they could find him that they would shoot him.  After some time they got into their lorry and headed for Dunmore.  Luckily the horses knew each other and were still under the plough when he got back to them.  He unhooked the horses from the plough and went home as fast as he could.

Author: Mary Brosnan

Source: Nonie Golden (nee Mannion, Lisheenaheltia), Castlecoote