Ballinastack Dolmen & Children’s Burial Ground

The presence of a Dolmen known as Cloch Dhiarmada in the townland of Ballinastack is evidence that the locality was inhabited about 4,500 years ago. The following reference to this megalithic tomb appears on the National Monuments Record website – “On a tract of flat land in an area of gently sloping pasture. The tomb is eccentrically incorporated in a circular cairn (D c. 10m) which has been reused as a CBG (GA006-005—-). A large roof stone rests above a collapsed chamber, aligned E-W, represented by at least four stones. The remains are insufficient to allow classification” Melvin c. 1971, 8 and Ó Núalláin 1989, 142.

It is said to be the tomb of Diarmuid who was reputed to have been a Chieftain in the area. In Christian times the site around it was used as a burial ground for unbaptised children. This custom continued up until the latter part of the 20th century. The local community came together in 1997 and funded the erection of a wall which has enclosed the site.

There are also two ringforts in the townland, one situated on the West end and one on the east side which is well preserved.

Source: Melvin c. 1971, 8 and Ó Núalláin 1989,142