Oileán an Chlampair

The above refers to a small island of about 3 roods at southern end of the lake. It was a very controversial piece of ground between rival landlords – Browne of Mountkelly, Kelly of Clondoyle and D’Arcy of New Forest. Each claimed legal ownership. As it was surrounded by branch rivers (still is) it was adjoined by 3 points. Each claimed it although it was not in Ordnance Survey maps. When either landlord tried to stake claim or graze it the other called out their tenants to fight the opposing landlord and drive off the stock. When tenants got the call to turn out they had to obey orders or face eviction. They were evicted later as the ruins of their cabins still bear evidence to their plight. Many bitter and savage battles took place on that small area of ground. Hence the name “Oileán an Chlampair”. At the turn of the present century when the C.D.B. took over the Browne property (Garveys at this time) they found that this island was adjoined only by bog and as Browne’s the only one with land adjoining it was declared on his property and was taken over for division.

Author: Paddy Crosby, Glenamaddy B.N.S.

Source: Folio No.1868, Pages 65-155. Irish Folklore Main Manuscript Collection