Leacht Mháire Ní Thuathail

The Cairn located about 400m south west of Boyounagh Cemetery in the townland of Cashel is said to be the resting place of Máire Ní Thuathail. It is named in OS Letters (O’Flanagan 1927, Vol. 1, 81) as ‘Leacht Mháire Ní Thuathail’ and described as ‘a large ash tree with a cairn of stones around its base’. It consists of a small, partially degraded, sub-rectangular flat-topped mound of earth and stone. Local tradition states that it was dedicated to a woman who, when being taken to Boyounagh graveyard for burial, fell from the shoulders of her pall-bearers at this spot. As a result, the mound was constructed as ‘it is a custom in the country to raise a pile of stones on every spot where a corpse was laid down’ (ibid.). The ash tree was afterwards planted in her memory by a friend.

Source: Patrick Knight, History of the Parish of Boyounagh 1975