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‘Glenamaddy Boyounagh : Our People – Our Heritage’  is a comprehensive historical account of Glenamaddy Boyounagh parish in North-East County Galway. It paints a picture of a resilient and resourceful people who, mindful of the formidable challenges of the past, take pride in their native place and look forward to the future with confidence.

As well as recording a short history of more than one thousand resident families in summary form, the book depicts in detail the story of the town of Glenamaddy and the ancient parish of Boyounagh. The many aspects of parish life portrayed within its six hundred pages will be of special interest to residents, the diaspora, genealogists, historians and researchers. This substantial hardback covers such topics as Landscape, Religion, Education, the Irish Language, Farming, Industry and Commerce, Social Services, Leisure Activities and Sport.

The book contains historic photographs and maps and tells the story of a unique place. It features many ‘personal memory’ contributions, made specifically for the publication, or gleaned from local print and it provides a wealth of information on parish townlands, traditions and customs, as well as on interesting local individuals, some of whom have gained world-wide fame and attention.

Officially launched at a gala reception in Glenamaddy Community Centre on Friday 21st September 2018, this impressive publication records the traditions and customs of the people of the parish before the details are lost from living memory. We are confident that readers will enjoy a journey through our townland landscapes with their numerous significant features and the many treasures identified through the stories and pictures depicted in the book.

In reviewing our parish heritage book, Paul Clements, writer, broadcaster and journalist, had this to say in the Culture section of The Irish Times on Sat. Jul 11, 2020: 

“Industry and commerce collide in one chapter of Glenamaddy Boyounagh: Our People, Our Heritage (Glenamaddy Heritage Project €20.00), edited by Peadar O’Dowd. Early industry concentrated on woodworking and mills such as Woodfield and Leitra corn mill, while in more recent years the business landscape embraced a range of bakery, joinery and engineering firms alongside family-run enterprises.

The product of six years research, this gargantuan book is a powerful testament to the invaluable work of hundreds of local volunteers. A celebration of the commonplace and oral history, it sweeps through religion, education, farming, Gaeilge, social services, traditions, leisure and sport, while a section on townlands runs to nearly 300 pages.”

The hardback edition costing €20 may be purchased locally at:       

  • Glenamaddy Heritage Office, Convent House, Church Street – 9a.m. to 1p.m. Mon. to Fri. incl. 
  • SuperValu, Kilkerrin Road
  • Londis, Church Street
  • Glenamaddy Post Office, Ballymoe Road

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Glenamaddy Boyounagh : Our People – Our Heritage (Ireland including Northern Ireland)
Glenamaddy Boyounagh : Our People – Our Heritage (Ireland including Northern Ireland)
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Glenamaddy Boyounagh : Our People – Our Heritage (USA and Rest of World)
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